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Life w/o ads & trackers - my experiment - part 2

The first article in the series can be found here. I've covered there how I started my journey (of getting rid of privacy-violating behavioral trackers & personalized ads) and what I've changed when it comes to news consumption & searching for information on the Internet. We'll continue from there. "Core" online services...

Dare to build your own LEGEND

Success in technology is not evenly distributed - there are tons of failures, a plethora of organizations that balance on the edge, relatively few who have made it, and a tiny group of hyper-successful ones that have made history. Obviously, it's the last bunch that attracts the most attention. Everyone...

"Startupowcy" - krótka (?) recenzja książki

Disclaimer 1: As an exception, this article (book review) will be published only in Polish. Why so? The book in question is (AFAIK) only available in Polish, it also focuses on local (Polish) market specifics - there's little point in pretending that many non-Polish speakers will be interested. Disclaimer 2:...

On being "intense"

I've used many personality assessment methods & tools in the past. Gallup SF, Transactional Analysis, OCEAN - that sort of stuff (& more). I'm not a professional behavioral psychologist (of course), but I thought nothing would surprise me regarding the qualification of personality types. Yet, I've recently (in the last few months)...

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