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On being "intense"

I've used many personality assessment methods & tools in the past. Gallup SF, Transactional Analysis, OCEAN - that sort of stuff (& more). I'm not a professional behavioral psychologist (of course), but I thought nothing would surprise me regarding the qualification of personality types. Yet, I've recently (in the last few months)...

Writing culture? Reading one is better.

Some organizations are said to have a "writing culture". They promote it as more objective & fair - it helps shy/introverted people express themselves and bridges the status gaps between people in different levels of org charts. Deliberate practice in writing improves the brevity & clarity of thought and makes knowledge...

Life w/o ads & trackers - my experiment - part 1

I believe that the economic model behind the Internet (in its current collective form) is broken. It has evolved from a proto-model where the information was free, so commercialization was inevitable. However, instead of a frictionless compensation model where the end-users pay a fair monetary price for the service/information,...

On metaverse, but w/o bullshit & hype

Last week's Apple's announcement of a fancy AR goggle set (Apple Vision Pro) has spurred yet another wave of ridiculous comments online: "Is this a future of metaverse?", "'Spatial computing' eats the metaverse!", "Who is more 'meta': Meta or Apple?" Add that to the previous hype on the topic & it...

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