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Sebastian Gebski

Serverlessness: what makes the service serverless - part 3

In two previous posts, we've covered the nature of "serverlessness" & how it's implemented in stateless, raw-compute services. Now it's time to raise the bar ... Speaking about stateful services, let's start with something familiar to nearly everyone - transactional, relational, ACID-compliant SQL-based database. In our case, it will be Aurora Serverless...

Sebastian Gebski

Keyboardio Model 100: my personal take on (review)

Some say that the most important prerequisite for dealing with a problem is admitting its existence. So yeah, I'm probably addicted to mechanical keyboards. If I remember correctly, I now have six fully operational, top-notch models already at hand (2xDasK, 1xWASD, 2xKeyboardio, 1xKeychron). The recent addition to the family is...

Sebastian Gebski

Serverlessness: what makes the service serverless - part 2

The previous post in the series (where we covered the definition of "serverlessness" and how Lambda functions correspond to it) can be found here. A very similar idea of "serverlessness" has been applied in another compute service - AWS Fargate (or, to be more precise: ECS on Fargate). What's the...

Sebastian Gebski

One thing that disturbs me in Web APIs

Disclaimer: this post wasn't planned at all, but the concept kept bothering me, so I couldn't resist turning it (spontaneously) into a blog post ... Let's consider Web APIs, for a minute. For a reason, as they are still the foundation of the Internet as we know it. The typical way...

Sebastian Gebski

Serverlessness: what makes the service serverless - part 1

Nothing happens without reason. The same applies to the origin of this post, which was triggered by two independent events. First of all, some time ago, I visited a local meet-up dedicated to software architecture. The main topic of the evening was "serverless", but for some reason, in the participants'...

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