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A u nas w księgarni - co robi Solutions Architect w AWS?

Tym razem post po polsku, co niekoniecznie często zdarza się na tym blogu. Skąd ten wyjątek? Będę pisał o swojej pracy, o tym czym zajmuję się na co dzień - podobnych opisów w języku angielskim (stworzonych przez moich kolegów i koleżanki na podobnych stanowiskach) jest pewnie dużo, a mnie zależało...

System design with IcePanel: a brief (and opinionated) review

I do a lot of diagramming these days. Visual collaboration is extremely important in my daily (architect) job, especially for remote communication when direct, face-to-face interaction is a rarity and exception (instead of being a rule). When it comes to visual modeling, I identify three categories of tools: * 100% manual...

A tech career advice: learn to set pieces

Each time I'm getting interviewed (e.g., while recording a podcast episode, during a conference), I struggle with answering one particular (and relatively frequent) question: > What advice would you give to aspiring programmers when it comes to tech skills? Which programming language, framework, or tech stack should they bet on...

How *deeply* broken can software get?

I tend to "spend" a lot of keystrokes on various aspects of technical debt and/or poor engineering practices. The list seems endless: component coupling, shallow modeling, leaky boundaries, inconsistent conventions, not-sufficiently-expressive design, incapacitated development agility, unnecessary layers of indirection, overzealous pattern usage, lava flow effect - naming just a...

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