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Sebastian Gebski

Changes, changes, changes

"There's nothing permanent except change." - Heraclitus Disclaimer: this post is relevant to you only if you're a frequent visitor (of No Kill Switch). It's about the future of this blog and nothing else. To keep the long story short: 1. During the last 12 months, I've changed (matured? evolved?...

Sebastian Gebski

A year in a nutshell: not-a-summary

Frankly, I'm not up for any lengthy summaries. I publish many observations as my regular blog posts, and we had a recent "summary" episode of CTO Morning Coffee on Twitter Spaces recently. Neither I'm going to list personal accomplishments, goals ticked off and such - because why should you (a...

Sebastian Gebski

Unpopular opinion about making others feel uncomfortable

We live in interesting times. Who could have guessed that the next powerful buzzword after "agile", "big data", and "cloud" will be "diversity" (or, to a full extent: "diversity, equity, and inclusion" - DE&I). Nope, I don't have anything against the values behind these terms - I strongly believe...

Sebastian Gebski

IYIs in the age of faux-expertise

We live in odd times. Information was never so accessible, neither it traveled across the world with such a velocity as it does today. Yet, the truth becomes more and more subjective and ... relative. Being loud and popular is these days far more important than having hard evidence on your...

Sebastian Gebski

My bite-size, subjective summary of 2020 learnings

Attention! It's one of those posts that are written merely for self-reflection, not to share anything breakthrough-ish (or pretending to be such). It's gonna be personal, I mean it. You have been warned. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was an odd year. Pretty much nothing went as planned. No-one could have imagined apriori...

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