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Sebastian Gebski

TAGRI: They Ain't Gonna Read It

I bet that nearly everyone in the software-crafting industry has heard about YAGNI [] ("You Ain't Gonna Need It") principle. But what about TAGRI? TAGRI (which is nearly as old as YAGNI) stands for "They Aint Gonna Read It". And...

Sebastian Gebski

Elephants, dead fish & vomit

This blog post is all about three particular kinds of issues Airbnb focused on when declaring their way to fix problems in their company culture; why its important to name such issues explicitly; what happens if you ignore them & why it's so important not to do so.Disclaimer: the concept...

Sebastian Gebski

TIL: Transactional Analysis 101

> This blog post is all about: psychoanalysis :), that we all behave (occasionally) like parents & children, if you adopt parent ego state - you're forcing your interlocutor to adopt child stance, sometimes to resolve discussion that seems irreversibly stuck - the easiest way is to map the interaction to psychoanalytic model/...

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