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"Start-up i venture capital". Recenzja

Disclaimer #1: Typically I publish my book reviews on Goodreads, but quite recently they've totally screwed up the procedure for adding new books, so my request is enqueued w/o reply for over a week now. That's why I decided to post the review here. Disclaimer #2: Nearly all the...

System design with IcePanel: a brief (and opinionated) review

I do a lot of diagramming these days. Visual collaboration is extremely important in my daily (architect) job, especially for remote communication when direct, face-to-face interaction is a rarity and exception (instead of being a rule). When it comes to visual modeling, I identify three categories of tools: * 100% manual...

Spring-bouncing: an early review of Aeris Swopper

After one year of nearly 100% remote work, I've decided to arrange myself a new seat. It doesn't sound like something particularly exciting (almost everyone has some sort of an ergonomic chair, but we rarely talk about what we sit on, right?). However, I believe that my choice was so...

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