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Generation of illiterate developers

Writing documents is so passé nowadays. The (software development) industry has removed this activity from typical software crafts(wo)men agendas nearly completely. The longest written forms we have to deal with are usually: commit messages, user stories in Jira, integration test specifications in some Cucumber offspring, and PR comments....

Wherever I may Roam (& Research): Review

Dunno about you, but no one, ever taught me how to take notes properly. I mean - theoretically, it's not a big deal. You listen, you pay attention, you write down the most critical information and potentially underline or highlight stuff that has especially caught your attention, for...

Non-fiction books: a waste of time? o_O

> This short article is all about: the end of non-fiction books (?!), how to extract (& preserve) KNOWLEDGE out of raw information, what kind of tools can be used to support this process, why it requires more effort than just understanding the written words. Few days ago someone has linked...

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