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Sebastian Gebski

Wave physics, rhythm, balance & ... juggling

> This blog post is about: why extremes are bad, how can we apply waves physics theory to developing software, what's the real benefit of having a skin in the game, which ball is made of glass & why learning to juggle is really important in life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many things just come...

Peer Reviews? Meh, we don't need them here

Last few weeks have been quite busy for me and my gang of Merry Men. We're doing a lean project of development architecture refreshment for a large enterprise and we're not wasting time - we aim to deliver the changes as quickly & frequently as possible (even if it means smaller...

The Ownership for projects / products / services - I vote 'for'

The idea of ownership may be tricky and gets easily misunderstood or excessively exaggerated (some would say - demonized), especially by Agile dogmatists and people with limited imagination: I never said those two groups are the same though :) That's why I'd like to be perfectly clear about what do I...

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