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Sebastian Gebski

Alt-culture: between the cultural debt and delusions

Alt-culture (some call it "anti-culture") is an organization's underground, authentic culture. Different from the officially communicated (internally and externally) one. What are its key characteristics? * it consists of regular/consistent actions, behavioral patterns, values (used in everyday decision making) of the majority of the organization's members - empirically observed, not...

Sebastian Gebski

Office: Reconquista?

To make sure it's 100% clear, a short reminder: this blog post represents my private comments, statements, and viewpoints. They should not be associated with my employer - either the current one or the past ones. The opinions quoted in this article have popped up during casual, social conversations, not...

Sebastian Gebski

Unobvious (cultural) consequence of cloud's pay-as-you-go model

Disclaimer (and a short reminder): this blog post represents my personal observations & opinions. It should not be affiliated in any way to my prior or current employers and (in particular) cannot be treated as an unofficial or official statement on their behalf. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Public cloud is everywhere these days. It's...

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