Sebastian Gebski

Sebastian Gebski

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Geek, agilista, blogger, codefella, serial reader. In the daylight - I navigate & lead software engineering. #lean #design #aws #elixir #analytics. I speak here for myself only.

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Sebastian Gebski

Serverlessness: what makes the service serverless - part 1

Nothing happens without reason. The same applies to the origin of this post, which was triggered by two independent events. First of all, some time ago, I visited a local meet-up dedicated to software architecture. The main topic of the evening was "serverless", but for some reason, in the participants'...

Sebastian Gebski

My highly opinionated summary of 2022

It's January, the month of summaries. I don't mind resisting the pack instinct, but 2022 was so fruitful that proper aftermath may actually be a reasonable idea. So buckle up, and let's have it done in style. Stuff to read I read a healthy dose of books last year. If...

Sebastian Gebski

Are cloud providers evolving just like banks did?

Disclaimer: ALL the opinions presented in this article are my private ones. They should not be associated with any of my employers: neither current nor past ones. The strategic directions I identify/refer to in this article are based solely on 100% PUBLIC information - I am not leaking any...

Sebastian Gebski

Afera z widłami w tle ...

Disclaimer: this post will be available only in Polish (for now). It was triggered by a discussion in a local IT community in Poland and TBH I'm not even sure whether there are similar discussions in other communities - AFAIK there are not, but maybe there are things I'm not...

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