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Sebastian Gebski

Nemawashi and Idiosyncrasy Credits

Living in times of pandemic has a lot of cascading side effects. Keeping the social distance has reduced the number of social interactions within professional communities by a level of magnitude. Some fellows I've used to socialize with every few weeks, I see now twice, thrice a year. This unexpected...

Sebastian Gebski

The Glue Work: is the devil in *these* details?

I've read a good book about technical leadership and seniority in engineering recently - "Staff Engineer" [https://www.amazon.com/Staff-Engineer-Leadership-beyond-management-ebook/dp/B08RMSHYGG/] by Will Larson [https://twitter.com/Lethain]. I've already reviewed it here [https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3870963321] (feel free to check it), so today I'd...

Sebastian Gebski

Dynamics (energy flow) of a work environment

I love diving deep into how/when & why work is getting done. Into the differences between environments of high velocity & insane productivity VS ones where the air seems to have a consistency of a gel, slowing everything down to crawl ... There are several factors that have various levels of impact...

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