My name's Sebastian Gębski. I think of myself as an

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My name's Sebastian Gębski. I think of myself as an Agilista (following the Kanban path); hardened in fire of several IT projects, mainly for large banks and insurance companies; polyglot architect, not afraid of putting his own hands on code if needed; zealot of Domain Driven Design. My specialty is modern development architectures - ability to design, develop & govern scalable, flexible development processes & tooling based on lean paradigm, Continuous Delivery principle, process automation & short feedback loop.

Technologies I feel myself most comfortable (and have most practical experience) with:

… but I'm no stranger to other custom development tech areas (incl. C++, Scala/Java, Android, Go, etc.).

Catchy acronyms I'm entitled to use (certifications, titles, etc.):

I've directly managed teams up to 40 people in projects that involved hundreds of individuals. I prefer (by far) to do my job the Agile way, kaizen and self-development is what fuels me on daily basis. I'm up to any challenge, as long as there's glory to be earned and it's a step forth, not back (for myself, team, clients & users).

I speak on this blog for myself only.

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