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Sebastian Gebski

Rhinos are where the money is

We're so obsessed with novelty in our industry: * front-end folks want to work only with the latest frameworks, and 'jQuery' is one of the worst insults * somehow the biggest problem with all the APIs is that they are RESTful, not GraphQL * the traffic from all the 20 users per minute...

Sebastian Gebski

I dream of a YACT (Yet Another Collab Tool)

YACT! Not YACHT! Seriously. Y-A-C-T. 2021. COVID-19. Remote first. Asynchronous work. Flexibility > colocation. No, I'm not going to re-visit the status quo (hooray!) - this post is about something different. We've embraced the new model of work, enjoyed its pros, but I haven't seen much work done to address the...

Sebastian Gebski

Weaving code like a boss - part II

Part I can be found here [] Options considered By now, you should already have an overall idea what I was expecting of my new devmachine. What models did I consider to fulfill these needs? * I didn't consider MacBook Pro /w Retina [

Sebastian Gebski

Weaving code like a boss - part I

It's already over 3 months since I've swapped my primary code-crafting devmachine with Dell XPS 13 (2015) [] - sounds like the high time for first conclusions & bold statements ^_^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before that, a brief clarification - I knew exactly what I was looking...

Sebastian Gebski

Why PowerPoint should be expelled from the surface of the planet?

I seriously DO think that PowerPoint is an abomination, one of the worst Microsoft products ever & extensive using PowerPoint is a straightforward method of crippling you brain. Permanently ;P And as I keep repeating these statements whenever I have an occasion (someone mentions PowerPoint), there's always someone surprised. So let's...

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