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Sebastian Gebski

Aren't "rats" racing too little these days?

What's a rat race []? I think I've heard this term for the first time in 2003, when I've joined a company with more than a few programmers on board for the very first time. The shortest definition I can come up...

Sebastian Gebski

The benefit of layering goals

I've always been praising the value of maintaining a stable rhythm (cadence) of the software delivery - frequent, regular, habitual, nearly continuous. That's why as a Kanban aficionado I've never minded the concept of a sprint - and in particular the specific idea of a sprint goal. I believe such...

Sebastian Gebski

Going an extra mile - about motivation & pressure

> In this blog post you'll read about ... where does the motivation come from, why direct pushing doesn't motivate us (for real), what is "the runway method", whether it's OK to stretch beyond 40h/week (50h? 60h?), why software development is like surgery and what's the difference between good & bad praise....

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