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Sebastian Gebski

So, how much maintenance is (precisely) enough, huh?

It seems that the technical debt is one on my favorite topics ;P Looking back just a few months, I've assembled at least three posts on the subject. One of them is particularly on the cost of running software ( []), but...

Sebastian Gebski

The cost of "running" software

Let's daydream a little bit: You build stuff in a work environment of virtually endless repertoire of ideas to be implemented. Your work is all about new features, extensions of existing features, feedback-based improvements of sub-optimal features, etc. Obviously, it's not that each week you work on something totally disconnected;...

Sebastian Gebski

Lava Flow Anti-pattern

What can we say about the characteristics of lava flow (no metaphors YET, I refer to RL lava)? * it's practically impossible to stop/revert lava flow, it can either continue in the current "channel" or get routed in a new one(s) * if there's no clear channel/route, lava will...

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