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Sebastian Gebski

Quantifying seniority (the right way): "the leverage"

Let's talk about "seniority" - but not in the usual way, in a context of career progression. I'm more interested in speaking about the "seniority" itself, regardless of specialty/path chosen, compensation, labels & position names. It's the kind of discussion that revolves around the following questions: > what makes senior "senior"...

Sebastian Gebski

Unappreciated skill of visualizing the work

> This blog post is all about: what can be (effectively) visualized, when visualizing works (brings benefits), what does it mean that visualization is "effective", why visualization makes a difference, why visualization is not just about sketching something that comes to your mind. One of the defining moments in each professional...

Sebastian Gebski

Rule #0: Don't. Be. An. Asshole.

> This blog post is all about: the Mother of All Rules; consciousness of assholes; why being an asshole with almost 100% certainty eliminates the possibility of building up sustainable, high-performing team; what's the problem with sarcasm (& how easily it can be solved); How not to be an asshole (it ain't...

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