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Sebastian Gebski

Who are real "architects" in software crafting?

A few days ago, I started reading "Semantic Software Design" [] by Eben Hewitt. I haven't finished it yet, but I believe I can already state that it won't become my favourite book on software architecture ever (more about that in the forthcoming review...

Sebastian Gebski

"The Chasm" in Software Development technology adoption cycle

> TL;DR Software Development technology adoption lifecycle [] is susceptible to the same rules that apply to any other high-tech. Market success is not guaranteed by sheer innovation, technical excellence or even product capabilities - it does require certain qualities, but also...

Sebastian Gebski

Don't burst in Tiers: setting the boundaries in a right way

The idea of decomposing application into layers (logical vertical split) or tiers (physical vertical split) isn't new - it's bread'n'butter of systems architecture. Reasons for such a split are still the same (as they were in 90s, 80s & beyond): * to reduce complexity & separate concerns * to scale tiers independently * to enable...

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