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Office: Reconquista?

To make sure it's 100% clear, a short reminder: this blog post represents my private comments, statements, and viewpoints. They should not be associated with my employer - either the current one or the past ones. The opinions quoted in this article have popped up during casual, social...

A word about Remote Leadership

A LOT has been said (written) about how COVID-19 has enforced "remote revolution" in software development companies (& not only). About the benefits, challenges and risks. Tools, techniques & processes. Almost everything remote-related one could think about. Except for leadership. Remote leadership. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer #1: pretty please -...

The remote work opportunity & how to help it

Without any lengthy introductions - COVID-19 [] has sent plenty of people to work remotely. Companies that would never (or at least unlikely) consider such a scenario, have jumped (somehow reluctantly) straight onto remoteness bandwagon to secure their daily operations in the times...

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