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The ancient art of leading teams

> TL;DR Even today, many treat leading teams as a modern form of livestock herding. Limit the information (to avoid distraction), assign tasks, make a checkpoint each week, force controlled crunch before deadline, rinse & repeat. Fortunately, we can do so much better than that, if we manage to...

Where do you belong? Straddled between teams

Once in a while I try to catch up on some classics I've somehow omitted to read. One of them is (was) Lencioni's "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" []. Title may cause setting some wrong expectations, subtitle...

Productive conflict: why some degree of discord is essential

I've recently read Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team [] - widely recognized classic on leadership & executive management. I'm not going for a full review here (you can easily find my review on Goodreads), but I want...

Body-leasing: self-imposed trend to make team shaping even harder

This blog post is some sort of a supplement to my previous post on building teams organically - you can find it here []. As we all know, software developer job market is terribly twisted by huge disproportion between demand (crazy) & supply (barely dripping). Huge...

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