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I dream of a YACT (Yet Another Collab Tool)

YACT! Not YACHT! Seriously. Y-A-C-T. 2021. COVID-19. Remote first. Asynchronous work. Flexibility > colocation. No, I'm not going to re-visit the status quo (hooray!) - this post is about something different. We've embraced the new model of work, enjoyed its pros, but I haven't seen much work done to address the...

Unappreciated skill of visualizing the work

> This blog post is all about: what can be (effectively) visualized, when visualizing works (brings benefits), what does it mean that visualization is "effective", why visualization makes a difference, why visualization is not just about sketching something that comes to your mind. One of the defining moments in each professional...

Transparency - what does it really mean?

> By reading this blog post you're learn that: transparency is deeply in shoes business, Definition of Done should contain necessary outbound communication, asynchrony is (again) king, publish-subscribe pattern has successful application scenarios out of code as well & habitual transparency can be a side effect of any kind of work. If...

Let's Slack together. Tool-aided collaboration.

My favourite on-line collaboration tool - Slack [] - has just published its Windows client []. Until now it was available via web browser & on mobile (I am using Android client). It sounds like a great opportunity to elaborate a bit about why...

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