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The dictate of "old juniors"

I believe everyone is familiar with the popular saying that one can have 10 years of experience or 10 x 1 (the same) year of professional experience. If you don't get the difference - it's all about being exposed to new experiences (that can be substantial in spurring your personal...

When simplicity is not an option

One of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned (when it comes to building software) was: > "Keep it simple, as simple (boring) stuff usually works best". It's usually accompanied with some sort of complexity consideration: what's essential (inherent) complexity and what's accidental complexity, how to measure & manage complexity, etc. The...

The benefit of layering goals

I've always been praising the value of maintaining a stable rhythm (cadence) of the software delivery - frequent, regular, habitual, nearly continuous. That's why as a Kanban aficionado I've never minded the concept of a sprint - and in particular the specific idea of a sprint goal. I believe such...

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