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Apostrophe-shaped people

Brutal observation (not just mine, based on conversations with numerous people from various work environments across diverse geographies and cultures): many engineering organizations try to tackle their problems by stacking up more & more complex countermeasures, while the real solutions are, in fact, very simple. But unfortunately, even their most experienced...

How (not) to speed up development

Software development is expensive. It takes time, requires various & uncommon skills and on top of that - the developers' salaries are among the highest ones in the company. It's also affected by hard-to-grasp, unfavorable factors like technical debt that tend only to accumulate over time. No wonder that managers and...

So, how much maintenance is (precisely) enough, huh?

It seems that the technical debt is one on my favorite topics ;P Looking back just a few months, I've assembled at least three posts on the subject. One of them is particularly on the cost of running software ( []), but...

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