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Sebastian Gebski

Nemawashi and Idiosyncrasy Credits

Living in times of pandemic has a lot of cascading side effects. Keeping the social distance has reduced the number of social interactions within professional communities by a level of magnitude. Some fellows I've used to socialize with every few weeks, I see now twice, thrice a year. This unexpected...

Sebastian Gebski

How (not) to speed up development

Software development is expensive. It takes time, requires various & uncommon skills and on top of that - the developers' salaries are among the highest ones in the company. It's also affected by hard-to-grasp, unfavorable factors like technical debt that tend only to accumulate over time. No wonder that managers and...

Sebastian Gebski

Having your soul in the game

> TL;DR Every independently thinking person can easily recognize all the enterprise talks regarding "engagement", "motivation" & "ownership" as stinking pile of worthless, corporate rubbish. Neither knowledge nor creative workers can be so easily "tricked" (even if they can, in fact they're just fooling themselves short-term ...) for "higher engagement" - sustainable...

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