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Trapped in a groupthink

Have you heard about groupthink [] before? If you didn't, this blog post is for you - better to know such vicious enemy before you actually encounter him ... The most clear (& still concise) definition I've found goes like that: >...

The first hurdle - making key technical decisions

It usually looks like this: there's already a decision about new product / project, people are extremely happy & eager to start straight away, silently expecting to "do it all perfectly" this time, avoiding all the mistakes from the past. But before they get into actual work,...

The Iron Law of Oligarchy

Have you heard about The Iron Law of Oligarchy [] (TILoO)? No? There's no shame, I haven't (until recently) either, but now since I did, I have some remarks hopefully worth sharing. OK, but first - what'...

In defense of HIPPOs

The term HiPPO [] ( Highest Paid Person's Opinion) is getting quite popular in project management world (& IT in particular) recently. What's the fuss about? When there's a decision to be taken & various options are discussed, people tend...

The pitfall of imposed leadership

> I was chosen by Heaven. Say my name when you pray. To the sky! See Carolus rise. > (...) > No man alive or dead commands me, I answer to the Lord! Hear my orders, question me and die. What I say was set in Heaven, and so it shall...

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