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Sebastian Gebski

My biggest lesson learned (when I've started building software)

> TL;DR Many IT people (mainly executives & various managers) are guilty of building the walls between business and engineering parts of organisation: by introducing gated demand management, communication via specification, cooperation through proxy people and siloeing the competences they hope to achieve more order & control, additionally reducing the operational risk....

Sebastian Gebski

Jesus-Driven Development

What's the most popular Agile method these days? 1. FDD? Nah, no-one ever has seen a living FDDer - this method has been made up so there are at least 3 Agile methods on the list ... 2. XP? Another fake - it's just a collection of programming techniques that: * everyone...

Sebastian Gebski

What if ... a hypothetical job ad

What if ... a hypothetical company published a hypothetical job ad like that ... (this is not a real job ad, I'm not representing anyone or looking for any people - I'm just wondering whether industry is mature enough to call some things by their true names ...) > We're looking for a software...

Sebastian Gebski

Dinosaurs, why don't you extinct ...

A lot has change since I've gone pro in software development, one could say at least one era has passed since then, but some things never change - one of them is Enterprises loving Fuckin' Big Projects (FBP), dinosaurs of XX/XXI century. In defiance to the common sense ... Enterprises...

Sebastian Gebski

The Iron Law of Oligarchy

Have you heard about The Iron Law of Oligarchy [] (TILoO)? No? There's no shame, I haven't (until recently) either, but now since I did, I have some remarks hopefully worth sharing. OK, but first - what's the TILoO about? Here's the...

Sebastian Gebski

How much awesomeness in awesome? The case of Spotify

I am sort of conference junkie. I'll skip the 'why' part, because I've described it already once or twice - instead I'll get back to what I like MOST (relax, just one thing) about conferences & why I attend them instead of just watching the videos published afterwards: to meet (in...

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