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Sebastian Gebski

Why scaling organizations is so difficult?

There's plenty of hard topics in building software, but if you asked me what's the most challenging one, I'd answer without doubt: scaling (engineering) organizations. Why so? 1. first of all: economies of scale [] do not work for building software (I've written...

Sebastian Gebski

Micromonoliths: scaling via sharding - part I

> In this post you'll find: micro-monolith neo-evangelism :), great (video) example of premature system distribution hitting the fan ..., demystifying of microservice independence myth and what are X-centric systems. I hate blog posts, books or conf talks that focus on criticising only - it's far easier to b*tch on something than...

Sebastian Gebski

Leviathans won't dance salsa

It just won't, regardless of how hard you try to force him to do it. Nevertheless some still keep trying & IT seems to excel in that idea. Yes, that's another post about scaling in IT, but this time I'm not going to write about overgrown projects (I already did it...

The shortest scalability consideration ever.

I had a lot of scalability talks this week - vast majority of them were related to one huge piece of legacy application that’s about being heavily modernized (don’t ask about details, you really don’t wanna know). The most interesting thing about this app is that after...

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