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Will Docker change anything for Devs?

Docker [] is The Thing these days. Pretty much everyone has heard about it - how lean, lightweight & useful it is. Most likely you have seen the eye-catchy logo, went through very approachable tutorial, watched some basic demos. But did you try to look through the...

How I've pimped my x-system development with Docker

Setting your applications may get really messy - especially on Linux: different applications have different configuration approaches, they keep their binaries & data in different file-system locations (these differ because apps may have origins within varying Linux distributions). Once you set things up once, it's pretty hard to...

Risks of outsourcing the pain (in DevOps & not only)

Straight to business - I've participated in a very interesting discussion about development architecture recently: which scenario works better & brings more benefit to the organization: 1. each team is responsible for all their deployment / maintenance mechanisms separately (let's call it Scenario A) 2. there'...

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