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Who are real "architects" in software crafting?

A few days ago, I started reading "Semantic Software Design" [] by Eben Hewitt. I haven't finished it yet, but I believe I can already state that it won't become my favourite book on software architecture ever (more...

"Good design is adaptive, not predictive."

> In this article you'll find: what is "capability", why UI-driven application design is sh*t, why conceptual layering is important, which parts of software are less change-friendly & whether it's a problem, why "fibers" are the single worst anti-pattern (even if...

Micromonoliths: scaling via sharding - part I

> In this post you'll find: micro-monolith neo-evangelism :), great (video) example of premature system distribution hitting the fan ..., demystifying of microservice independence myth and what are X-centric systems. I hate blog posts, books or conf talks that focus on criticising only - it's far easier to...

Service-Oriented Thinking

> TL;DR Contrary to the common belief, proper conceptual decomposition of large software solutions doesn't require any particular architecture patterns in place. Being service-oriented doesn't necessarily enforce any constraints on build or deployment - it's a matter of proper, highly aware design which...

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