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Bullshit hunting: Multi-speed IT

I'd like to emphasize once again that I speak on this blog for myself only. Opinions / statements expressed here should not be associated with my employers - past or present. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The dish of the day is ... Some buzzwords get "global" range, while some get a...

The most undervalued of all patterns

We 'like' to put blame on factors that (in our opinion) lie beyond our control - stone-carved deadlines, outdated legacy, unimaginative Product Owners who always dump tech debt-related work items into abyss of Nice-To-Have. Some call it 'victimship' & it's all about giving up...

The shortest scalability consideration ever.

I had a lot of scalability talks this week - vast majority of them were related to one huge piece of legacy application that’s about being heavily modernized (don’t ask about details, you really don’t wanna know). The most interesting thing about this app is that after...

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