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Sebastian Gebski

My bite-size, subjective summary of 2020 learnings

Attention! It's one of those posts that are written merely for self-reflection, not to share anything breakthrough-ish (or pretending to be such). It's gonna be personal, I mean it. You have been warned. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was an odd year. Pretty much nothing went as planned. No-one could have imagined apriori...

Sebastian Gebski

Disorganized grumpy scribblings - May 2020

Some thoughts won't fit within a tweet, but none of them separately is enough to be turned into a decent blog post. Why not gather them up and published together then? Here you go. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not a virologist, so I can't tell whether COVID precautions were lacking, adequate or...

Sebastian Gebski

Don't criticize. Be solidary. Get yourself useful.

Disclaimer: sorry, but this ain't a post about architecture, leadership, software development, neither any other usual topics you can find here. But I believe its content is more needed today, in the situation we're facing. COVID-19 didn't just disrupt our lives. Its influence seems much broader ... As our lives have...

Sebastian Gebski

It's RESET time!

I took some time off. The final closure of my previous professional adventure took less time than expected, so I could afford taking a short break to RESET myself before starting a completely new stage in my career. And damn, it's only then when I've realised how much I needed...

Sebastian Gebski

On Meditation. And Mindfulness.

This blog post is all about: what's mindfulness meditation (for real) & why you've been so wrong about it, how it helped (and keeps helping) me (as an engineer & creative knowledge worker), what does it have in common with working out at gym and what benefits comes out of occasional disabling...

Sebastian Gebski

Wave physics, rhythm, balance & ... juggling

> This blog post is about: why extremes are bad, how can we apply waves physics theory to developing software, what's the real benefit of having a skin in the game, which ball is made of glass & why learning to juggle is really important in life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many things just come...

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