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Sebastian Gebski

Not-a-Summary of 2017 (and subjective as f*ck)

> TL;DR Some of the tech concepts that were slowly moving towards the mainstream in 2017 seem to introduce a fresh breathe into the way we create software. These concepts (one I call "Unconscious Computing" & Distributed Ledgers) aren't only about pure technology (how we develop), but also how we sell,...

Sebastian Gebski


> TL;DR Behind everyone's successes & achievements there are tons of support of others, who stand by her/him - encourage, motivate, assure, challenge - all of that unconditionally, gratuitously, because of pure love. It's easy to get "too used" to that - and under-appreciate something that is given so disinterestedly....

Sebastian Gebski

500 and rising

> TL;DR Thank you for reading my blog posts through all these years, this is the post number 500 (!) & the good thing is that I still enjoy writing, so I guess you can expect some more from me. What is 500 and rising? My blog post counter. Yes, this is...

Sebastian Gebski

How I've over-optimized my life (& why it sucked)

> TL;DR - time is the only resource we can't get back or recover, so I've perfected my way to optimise its (personal) utilization. But I've went too far - as it has appeared, over-tuning own life has several negative consequences I wasn't aware of. Learn from my mistakes. These...

Sebastian Gebski

</2016> - a short glance back

> TL;DR - 2016 in Technology failed to impress me; personally I missed building stuff (that matters), so I've quit (but not rage-quit ;>) my job few days ago. 2017 will be make or break. It's January of 2017 already, everyone's making summaries, so how could I resist the overwhelming temptation...

Sebastian Gebski

Software Engineer RPG: The End-Game

This blog post has been inspired by the following article: Where the hell are all the great senioer software developers and hands-on engineering directors [] . "You talk like a developer" Let's start with a short story: New dev comes to me as he's told I can...

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