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Quo vadis Domain Driven Design?

> Quo vadis? (lat. Whither goest thou?) Last week I attended this year's edition of one of my favourite software craftsmanship-related conferences: DDD Europe []. It was a good time, I've met interesting people, attended a few workshops, enjoyed beautiful weather in always...

Why (you can't afford to miss) DevConf 2017?

> TLDR If you're into software craftsmanship, you live in Poland & you're about to attend just one industry-specific conference this year, DevConf 2017 is probably the best choice you can make. I'm not really into turning blog posts into favours. Neither for colleagues,...

Scribblings after Craft 2016

Craft Conference [] is A-MUST-ATTEND on my conference list for each consecutive year. I tend to prefer specialized events (dedicated to particular method / technology / platform), but Craft allures me with its "crafters for crafters" approach - speaker list is totally dominated by engineers & other...

Azure Service Fabric: how to weave services in hyper-scale

All right, as it's already official now ... > Sebastian Gębski @liveweird [] na ścieżce #dotnet []! Opowie o Azure Service Fabric - jak tkać usługi w hiper-skali. [] — 4Developers (@4Developers) February 4,...

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