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Sebastian Gebski

Talk is cheap, show me your product

Frankly, the idea that originated this blog post is not mine. It has all started with some observation (unfortunately, I can't recall the author, but maybe some of you, readers, will help me with that, for the sake of correct attribution) made in one of the heated Internet discussions on...

Sebastian Gebski

Why (you can't afford to miss) DevConf 2017?

> TLDR If you're into software craftsmanship, you live in Poland & you're about to attend just one industry-specific conference this year, DevConf 2017 is probably the best choice you can make. I'm not really into turning blog posts into favours. Neither for colleagues, nor for anyone willing to pay for such...

Sebastian Gebski

"The Chasm" in Software Development technology adoption cycle

> TL;DR Software Development technology adoption lifecycle [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technology_adoption_life_cycle] is susceptible to the same rules that apply to any other high-tech. Market success is not guaranteed by sheer innovation, technical excellence or even product capabilities - it does require certain qualities, but also...

Sebastian Gebski

Why I don't condemn "serverless"

Many people claim that recent hype trains (especially the most recent one - Serverless [http://martinfowler.com/articles/serverless.html]) are not about actual novelties but more about re-visiting old patterns / practices & giving them new names (to make it feel like something new, maybe to claim the glory of a...

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