All right, as it's already official now ...

... let me personally invite you all to my session:

Title: Azure Service Fabric: how to weave services in hyper-scale


In November 2015 Microsoft shared an initial version (Public Preview) of their new cloud services platform named Azure Service Fabric. Such an announcement ain't necessarily a reason for immediate excessive excitement ..., but if you reinforce it with few additional facts, e.g.:

  • Service Fabric works already "under the hood" of products such as Cortana, SQL Azure, Power BI, Skype for Business
  • ... supports both the traditional (micro-)service model and actor mode (a'la OTP, Akka, Orleans) as well
  • ... allows you to create both stateless & stateful services (with shared or isolated data)

Yes ..., now Azure Service Fabric seems to be really interesting, especially because it can be used not only in the cloud, but also locally (on-premise). Regardless of whether you write your code in .NET, or ... eg. using Java. If you want to learn more about this platform - its current state & pending roadmap, what does it take to develop on it & what are the conditions to achieve the announced hyper-scalability, consider yourself invited!

One more thing: not a single microservice was harmed during the preparation of the talk...

What's even better, my session will be the part of badass .NET track within a very promising conference named 4Developers. Its 8th (!) edition, that will take place on 11th of April 2016 in Warsaw, will bring together the decent pack of top-notch speaker-engineers who will both entertain you & teach you by sharing their theoretical knowledge & professional experience. Conference will consist of many platform-based tracks, but I'd like to draw your attention to .NET track especially, as it will be curated personally by no-one else than Maciej Aniserowicz - and I'm quite sure this dude doesn't really need introduction & his name in this context is sort of a guarantee of session quality.

You really want to be there :) And to fully convince you ... you can get your conference ticket with a 15% discount, if you use the following discount code: 4dev_no_kill_switch. Enjoy!


Q1: What level of prior experience is required to participate?

  • In terms of Azure Service Fabric, it's a beginner level (100) session. There's no assumption about any kind of knowledge about this platform.
  • You don't have to know anything about Windows Azure either, but I expect you know what Cloud/IaaS/PaaS are :)
  • Some prior knowledge about the concept of actor model is welcome, but I'll give a very short intro on that.
  • At last but not least, I assume you've got some practical experience with .NET development using C#.

Q2: 'Azure' sounds cloud-ish... so if I don't do (& don't plan to do) anything with cloud, this won't be interesting for me, right?

Nope :)

Azure Service Fabric is a reboot of Microsoft's service platform. And it's supposed to run both on premise & in the cloud. So, in other words - it will be possible to use Azure Service Fabric without going for public cloud.

Q3: What's the ratio between marketing & engineering during this session? :)

I don't work for Microsoft. Or get anything from them because of having this session. And I'm an engineer. So there will be no marketing per se, but as Azure Service Fabric is still in Public Preview stage, there may be some "promises" mentioned, that may not end-up in the release version.

Q4: Will there be a live demo? Or few?

I'm quite unenthusiastic about demoing something that is 100% remote (current version of Azure Service Fabric can't really work on local machine yet) over unknown quality connection, that may be bogged down by network traffic of several hundred conference participants :) What is more, this is still a Preview version, so spectacular demo failures may happen ... Keeping all that in mind, I'd rather restrict myself to showing you:

  • demo videos I've recorded earlier in the safe & known environment :)
  • some chosen code samples that correspond to abstractions I'll be describing

Q5: I'm not that much into .NET ... does it make sense for me to participate?

I believe it does. Due to following reasons:

  1. the most interesting thing about this platform it's not just API or the way it's built/deployed, but architecture concepts used & capabilities which are achieved due to these
  2. Microsoft has already confirmed that Azure Service Fabric will support embedding custom applications based on different platforms (Java, Node.js, etc.) as its services
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