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Dancing with domains - DDD Europe 2016

I've already promised myself some time ago: > "No more conference reviews, chap." But I'll start 2016 with breaking this rule once again, just so I can tell you that ... DDD Europe 2016 [] was way better than I expected. No worries though, I'll try to be as...

DevDay 2015 & my evolving perspective on conferences

DevDay 2015 is history now. If you don't know what DevDay [] is, check my summaries for prev years' editions (2014 [] or 2013 []) or google for someone else's review of this year's edition (I believe that they'll...

Three short reflections after Confitura 2015

Another conference (Confitura 2015 []), another boost of positive energy, inspiring ideas, sense of belonging to dynamic & developing community. I'll skip the usual session reviewing part this time, I'll focus on a very selective list of personal remarks instead: Charity Confitura's supposed to be a free conference:...

Craft Conf 2015 - my subjective report

Budapest is absolutely stunning in April. Beautiful. Charming. Adorable. Marvelous. Its magnificence is so overwhelming that I had difficulties with fully focusing on Craft Conf 2015 [] - very interesting conference that took place few days ago in Budapest exactly. Interesting enough to write a blog post...

Building Stuff in 2014 - my perspective

If you expect a detailed review of the conference [], you'll be disappointed - I will not enumerate all the speakers nor summarize every session I've participated in - it would be pretty pointless to be honest. I'm going to put some brief bullets with the key observations...

Why #ABBDevDay 2014 didn't rock my world

Looking back at my review of DevDay 2013 [] it was no suprise that I was very interested in attending DevDay 2014 [] as well. Getting the conference ticket (they were free, but their number was limited) is a separate story itself,...

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