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The Great Leveling

Pandemic has sped up some phenomena, changing the world forever. One of them is the global equalization of the digital society. Your location and nearest vicinity do not play such an essential role in your life anymore - more and more interactions have moved nearly exclusively into the digital space....

Why I don't like meetups anymore

I don't remember the last time I was excited about any meetup. Do you? In theory: since the pandemic started, everything went online, so the geo borders have disappeared - you can (virtually) attend any meeting you fancy. Initially, I was very enthusiastic about that. But it turned...

Mixing warsaw.ex

This blog post is all about: what's warsaw.ex and what kind of gap it will try to fill, why you (and any other software engineer) should care (about Elixir, even if you're specialised in a different tech already), who is behind that & who'...

Suck VS Rock at software dev headhunting

Last few years have turned IT recruitment market into blood-spattered area of gore, violence & ruthless brutality - it's not just that acquiring new talent is hard, expensive & time-consuming: demand keeps raising, so competition gets even more fierce over time. I have observed one interesting side effect...

Digital dumpster - personal brand & quality

What I'm about to write down right now may seem a bit controversial. Well, there may even be some who take it personally - however please rest assured that this post is not targeted at anyone in particular. So if you feel it may apply to you, keep...

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