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TIL: Transactional Analysis 101

> This blog post is all about: psychoanalysis :), that we all behave (occasionally) like parents & children, if you adopt parent ego state - you're forcing your interlocutor to adopt child stance, sometimes to resolve discussion that seems irreversibly stuck - the easiest way is to map the...

Transparency - what does it really mean?

> By reading this blog post you're learn that: transparency is deeply in shoes business, Definition of Done should contain necessary outbound communication, asynchrony is (again) king, publish-subscribe pattern has successful application scenarios out of code as well & habitual transparency can be a side effect of any...

Communication 101 - Information Radiators

I'm not sure whether you agree with me or not, but IMHO we (in general) get better & better in embracing increasingly complex tools & technologies, while in the same time we keep failing in the most fundamental activities that do not change so dynamically over the years...

Listen. Just listen.

I've always wanted No Kill Switch to be 50% tech + 50% leadership+mgmt blog. But it just doesn't work out like that. I'll tell you a secret - I publish regularly twice a week, which is quite often, but I never struggle with finding...

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