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Sebastian Gebski

Clarity. It makes a difference.

Picking your next professional endeavor ain't easy. There's plenty of advice regarding that on the Internet. Usually, this topic is covered from junior's perspective - how to choose your first job, what to avoid, what kind of questions to ask first, etc. But in fact, it appears that seasoned veterans...

Sebastian Gebski

Diversity and the art of team-building

Diversity is "the word" in the software development industry these days. The FAANGs do advocate it. Plenty of high profile IT people ("celebrities") support it. There are folks who pretty much make a living out of evangelising it (and hunting its opponents ...), while some other ones have got their professional...

Sebastian Gebski

The remote work opportunity & how to help it

Without any lengthy introductions - COVID-19 [] has sent plenty of people to work remotely. Companies that would never (or at least unlikely) consider such a scenario, have jumped (somehow reluctantly) straight onto remoteness bandwagon to secure their daily operations in the times...

Sebastian Gebski

Chaleff's typology of followers

"Leadership" is the thing these days - ones able to get others moving, ones who act as a multiplier to others' work (due to leverage effect they make), ones that do inspire their peers & actively shape the culture around them - they are worth their weight in gold. But while...

Sebastian Gebski

Culture VS Tribe: which one to prioritize higher?

I've enjoyed Ben Horowitz'es books. Both of them. Far more than his interviews/lectures on-line, even if I find some of the references he makes (especially hip-hop ones) annoying. But in the end: he's a brilliant guy with incredible experience plus he knows how to "sell" his knowledge out (which...

Sebastian Gebski

About toxicity

> "Conversion, software version 7.0 Looking at life through the eyes of a tired hub Eating seeds as a pastime activity The toxicity of our city, our city" "Toxicity" - System Of A Down I've already written a similar post some time ago (you can find it here [https://no-kill-switch....

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