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Heavy e-mail overdose

Being an Internet old-timer has some cons. I miss ol' good times when the word netiquette [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etiquette_in_technology] had some significance. Times have changed and [ ... long, sour rant here ;) ... ]. Nowadays people tend to use some Internet tools mindlessly, without caring how it affects...

Workslayer: the less you do as a manager, the better

This blog post is some kind of post-scriptum to something I've written quite recently: GHOST_URL/antipattern-attracting-the-work/ Not something completely new, just an additional remark, an important point I think I've missed then, but I find it important enough to shape another, short blog post just...

Subliminal apathy AKA the highest form of procrastination

It usually looks like that: 1. Discussion seems fruitful, brainstorming normalizes & catches "the flow", people sync well & come up with a shared conclusion. Verbal statements happen. People nod in ecstasy. Deductions appear. People nod in ecstasy (again). And people diverge with a sense of a job...

Always clean your mess first

Change is what I do. This is what I get paid for. Usually it's not just > "you're at A, get to B" but more like > "we think you should be somewhere there, go figure out for yourself, then carve a path...

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