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Sebastian Gebski

Bias for action - a prescription for chaos or ...

Have you noticed how easy it is ... ... to sabotage an idea/initiative? By inventing countless "special cases to consider" (of the negligible meaning) and potential weak spots (to prove that the solution ain't perfect). By triggering more and more "what-about" side-subtopics and flooding the conversation with subjective but hardly related...

Sebastian Gebski

The dictate of "old juniors"

I believe everyone is familiar with the popular saying that one can have 10 years of experience or 10 x 1 (the same) year of professional experience. If you don't get the difference - it's all about being exposed to new experiences (that can be substantial in spurring your personal...

Sebastian Gebski

Wicked problems

I still remember some of the (written down) expectations I faced when I joined a high-profile consultancy in 2001. One of them was: > "to effectively solve poorly-defined problems" The "poorly-defined" is the interesting part here. But at that point in time, it made a lot of sense. We've been paid...

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