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Sebastian Gebski

When will this bonanza end (and how)? - part II

If you haven't yet, check the part I [] first. Where were we? We've figured out that your job may wave you good-bye & go to Fareastan. But it doesn't conclude the consideration just yet ... Is the growth inevitable? Are we completely sure that software development is...

Sebastian Gebski

Job hopping: when to go, when to stay

This blog is inspired / provoked by recent article from Code for a living: "Why developers should always be in job-seeking mode" [] - that's why it makes sense to start there, if you didn't read it already. Btw. it's a decent blog in general, recommended....

Sebastian Gebski

Software Engineer RPG: The End-Game

This blog post has been inspired by the following article: Where the hell are all the great senioer software developers and hands-on engineering directors [] . "You talk like a developer" Let's start with a short story: New dev comes to me as he's told I can...

Sebastian Gebski

Why you can't afford to miss "Daj się poznać"

This time, instead of a typical blog post, just a short advertisement / announcement. It's not that someone asked me for it or I've promised it to someone - it's just about the idea I like & find beneficial for the whole software developers community in Poland. As some of you may...

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