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Afera z widłami w tle ...

Disclaimer: this post will be available only in Polish (for now). It was triggered by a discussion in a local IT community in Poland and TBH I'm not even sure whether there are similar discussions in other communities - AFAIK there are not, but maybe there are things...

Job Fair Cheat Sheet for junior folks

Last Saturday, I attended the first on-site IT community event in ages. It was a conference with 200+ sessions (within two days), but as it was targeted primarily at graduating students and juniors, the organizers have combined it with the job fair. The attendance surpassed my most optimistic expectations -...

A tech career advice: learn to set pieces

Each time I'm getting interviewed (e.g., while recording a podcast episode, during a conference), I struggle with answering one particular (and relatively frequent) question: > What advice would you give to aspiring programmers when it comes to tech skills? Which programming language, framework, or tech stack should...

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