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Architecture in the Wild: Business Process Orchestration - part II

Part I can be found here []. > TL;DR - maybe thinking in "processes" is a relic of traditional, policy-driven, hierarchical enterprise? Decentralised model, based on business events & reactions tends to have some advantages & seems to match modern architecture principles better....

Emerging design 101

I strongly believe in emerging design & evolutionary architecture. I've seen too much in my life ;> to believe in up-front design & beautiful pictures turning miraculously into flawless, working systems. I'll save you detailed reasoning as I've written about that on several occasions...

Sensational comeback of stateful services

There's nothing permanent in software engineering. Consider building services for Internet applications - for the last few years service design principles were quite straightforward: * stateless >>> stateful * sticky session (& session affinity) are made of suck * if you really, really need session, at least make it...

Are you hedging your tech stack?

Few weeks ago I've noted down an interesting notion that someone has mentioned during one of the discussions I've participated in: > hedging technology The overall idea is simple, you may recognize it from hedging funds or hedging bets. Hedging technology is expanding your area of...

Proudly breaking things since 2001

The Formula IMHO tech skills are 10% talent + 20% engineering common-sense + 20% theoretical knowledge + 50% practical experience. If I've under-estimated any of these, it's most likely (still) the practical experience. Needless to say - it's not ANY practical experience. Going through tutorials on every...

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