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The awesomeness of Modular Monolith

> TL;DR Deploying 100 times per day is impressive, so is having 5k devs working in parallel on the same codebase, serving hundreds of thousands different API consumers around whole globe or handling fluently interest spike of several millions of new users due to world-scale news event. But there&...

You probably shouldn't be turning everything into SPAs

> TL;DR Modern JS app-building frameworks & libs share one quality - they are component-based. Why not use this (high) granularity to bundle components into small, user journey-focused micro-apps instead of building humongous, complex SPAs. Such model, if applied properly, may bring certain qualities usually associated to microservices into...

Sensational comeback of stateful services

There's nothing permanent in software engineering. Consider building services for Internet applications - for the last few years service design principles were quite straightforward: * stateless >>> stateful * sticky session (& session affinity) are made of suck * if you really, really need session, at least make it...

Micro-service ain't a micro-app

The concept of Microservices, even if a bit ephemeral, gets a lot of love nowadays. Reasons are quite straightforward, so I'm not going through that once again - what bothers me is some kind of misconception / overinterpretation I've already encountered few times. Microservices (MS): * YES, encapsulate...

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