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Distributed responsibility for Architecture - is it even possible?

I've encountered a very similar situation in so many companies: their IT landscape grew all the time (while nothing was decommissioned), layers they've initially got became more complicated or even split into sub-layers: sometimes parallel, sometimes stacked. Obviously, different components frequently utilize different technologies, so the...

Micro-service ain't a micro-app

The concept of Microservices, even if a bit ephemeral, gets a lot of love nowadays. Reasons are quite straightforward, so I'm not going through that once again - what bothers me is some kind of misconception / overinterpretation I've already encountered few times. Microservices (MS): * YES, encapsulate...

Pit of (coupling) snakes - communication contracts (when done wrong)

The struggle against coupling doesn't just seem eternal. It IS eternal. Multi-dimensionality (compile-time, deploy-time, run-time, ...) of the problem, easiness of breaking the state that was achieved with the great effort, complexity of validation / monitoring (try to quantify coupling in a way that makes sense ;>) - all of...

Lambda Architecture - why should we care?

Have you heard about Lambda Architecture (LA)? It's an interesting concept introduced by Nathan Marz ("the father" of Apache Storm []) and it's basically about processing massive quantitive of data using two parallel streams: * batch stream - this one is able...

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