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The way User Stories (may) strangle the Design

> TL;DR Decomposition of functional requirements into atomic User Stories doesn't mean that activity of elaborate design is redundant - there's always a need of shaping the system's conceptual model: usually at various levels of detail (for different reader categories) & taking into...

Frustrations of a Software Architect

> TL;DR Being a Software Architect is not a Super Senior Developer role, in fact its both leadership & management (these two are not the same) role that should act in parallel (& independently!) to other management dimensions (e.g. product, engineering or project). Based on my personal experience,...

In caching we (naively) trust

> TL;DR Solution that are both quick & easy to apply are usually a clear win, but in case of using cache to "fix" performance issues it may get really deceptive. Cache is a good tool (if applied correctly), but the concept of caching scales very poorly...

Archicrapture: diagrams that illustrate nothing

> TL;DR Some time ago I've declared my little, private war ... War against misleading, illogical & inconsistent depicting of solution architecture by people who either intentionally or due to their ignorance mix simple (yet very different) concepts i.a.: logical view, physical view, functional view. This is...

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