Sebastian Gebski

Sebastian Gebski

Warsaw, PL Website Facebook Twitter

Geek, agilista, blogger, codefella, serial reader. In the daylight - I navigate & lead software engineering. #lean #design #aws #elixir #analytics. I speak here for myself only.

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Sebastian Gebski

Creative diarrhea ain't no leadership

We, human beings, have that incredible ability to exploit, exaggerate and travesty every (originally) valuable idea we encounter. That is not necessarily because of some malice - we tend to focus on meaningless (yet visible) details instead of intentions and the purpose behind (the aforementioned idea). Oh well. One concept...

Sebastian Gebski

Minimum Mimetic Product (MMP)

I consider myself a "product person". Counseling, consulting, and other types of mercenary work are cool short-term, but I'm not going to fool myself. In the end, I want to build (organically) something persistent and lasting that will stand out in comparison with the competition and make me proud as...

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