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Sebastian Gebski

What makes a Software Engineer (feel) successful?

> TL;DR We spend ridiculous amount of time on verifying job candidates' technical proficiency, analytical thinking, communication skills, but we rarely ask them for what they really aim for. Companies enforce their career models & internal goals / definitions of success w/o examining what really drives a potentially new hire, what...

Sebastian Gebski

Who should pay for your training?

> TL;DR Effectiveness of professional training depends on several factors, including trainee's motivation, interest in the topic, its usefulness & relevance (now & in future), but also how rare (scarce) it is (training itself or the knowledge), how hard was it to obtain it, whether it was picked up by trainee's personal...

Sebastian Gebski

Learning as a dangerous form of procrastination

Disclaimer: even if this article is based mainly on my own experience & thoughts, this concept was very well formulated & articulated before I've managed to do it myself, in a blog post that you can find here [] . I advice you to read it first as I'd like...

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