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Recruitment interviews - a bunch of advice & suggestions

This article is all about tech recruitment interviews, but in particular: why tech skills are necessary but not sufficient, what are open questions used for, why you should always have your own questions (that make sense ...), that without high "work-awareness" you're not credible, during the interview...

Bozo Effect - from greatness to mediocrity

Disclaimer: Some (over)sensitive readers may find this post offensive. Arrogant. Elitist. Oh well. > Bozo effect (aka Bozo explosion) - gradual descent of (once unequivocally high) average employee's competence level (overall: skillwise, intellectual, attitude, etc.), usually due to lowered recruitment standards, departure of key people or general...

Suck VS Rock at software dev headhunting

Last few years have turned IT recruitment market into blood-spattered area of gore, violence & ruthless brutality - it's not just that acquiring new talent is hard, expensive & time-consuming: demand keeps raising, so competition gets even more fierce over time. I have observed one interesting side effect...

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