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Sebastian Gebski

Afera z widłami w tle ...

Disclaimer: this post will be available only in Polish (for now). It was triggered by a discussion in a local IT community in Poland and TBH I'm not even sure whether there are similar discussions in other communities - AFAIK there are not, but maybe there are things I'm not...

Sebastian Gebski

A recruitment interview ain't no quiz show

The recruitment interviews I host aren't pure practice. One of the stages I explicitly distinguish is called "engineering background check". Some do call it "the theoretical part" (because I ask candidates to explain a particular term to me), but it's only half-true. The purpose is not to verify candidates' memorization...

Sebastian Gebski

Interviewing the "passé" way (for a reason)

When it comes to recruitment interviews, there's an overwhelmingly popular opinion (on the Internet) that one should test candidates in conditions that do resemble real-life work scenarios as much as possible. Tasks & challenges should mimic the ones that the candidate would face in her/his daily work. Everything else ("how...

Sebastian Gebski

Why HR Depts are such a bad idea

It's hard to find a company bigger than 30 people that doesn't have its HR Department - even if it consists of just 1 person. And the name itself is of secondary meaning: some call it Human Resources, some prefer People Operations, Human Capital, etc. Regardless of name I think...

Sebastian Gebski

We're probably bad at job titles. And it's OK.

There's no point in re-inventing the wheel. We all walk in the footsteps of industry pioneers & use the legacy of their lessons learned for our advantage. However ... Think for yourself I hate mindlessly copying "industry standards" & "best practices". Software Engineering varies so heavily & is so contextual that what (IMHO) works...

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