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Sebastian Gebski

Oferta Pracy: Engineering Manager

Tym razem nietypowo, bo po polsku. Ale również w nietypowej sprawie i poza "standardowym" cyklem publikacji - otóż dzisiejszy blog post to ... ogłoszenie - z kategorii "praca szuka człowieka". Nie będzie to pierwszy raz - zdarzało już mi się publikować info o rekrutacji w tej formie i ... szczerze mówiąc wyniki...

Sebastian Gebski

Praise for Radical Candor

> By reading this blog post you'll learn: an importance of naming elusive things, that surplus of empathy can cause a lot of harm, why sometimes being unpopular is not that bad, that even Dale Carnegie was sometimes wrong (or at least not 100% right) Internet & libraries are full of advices,...

Sebastian Gebski

Bossless: why neo-feudalism in IT is passé

> TL;DR Surprisingly many engineers prefers to be explicitly told what to do, be given a clear end-to-end specification & the worst of all - have someone else representing them to the end of the world, translating "the current state of things" into the language everyone else understands. IMHO it's one...

Sebastian Gebski

Dashing through the swamp

Let's start with a short quote from the book I'm reading at the moment (recommended, good stuff): > "In good organizations, people can focus on their work and have confidence that if they get their work done, good things will happen for both the company and them personally. (...) In a poor...

Sebastian Gebski

"Minimize details & maximize understanding"

Two days ago, this has made my day: > Went into a meeting with a fortune 500 C-level team and OH: “the goal here is to minimize details and maximize understanding.” Mmmkay. — Mitchell Hashimoto (@mitchellh) August 28, 2015 [] Poor Mitchell. "ESB. It's ESB." No clue...

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